Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Worlds Best Small House Plan Introduced!

The Worlds Best Small House Plan has just been introduced at Simply Elegant Home Designs!
The home design - the Scandia Modern Cottage is actually a plan that Simply Elegant has had on the market, but has taken on a complete remodeling.  The result is the worlds best small house plan.  See images below and be sure to check out the videos.

A modest interior, but with abundant natural light and a carefully designed open floor plan it fills large.  Check the interior video out at small modern cottage interior 

The exterior is simple and unique.  A modern cottage design.  Check out the exterior video at small modern cottage exterior

The Scandia Modern Cottage was designed by Minnesota Architect Ron Brenner.  He had this to say about the project.

Is the claim that this is the worlds best small house plan a little much? Perhaps; but I am very excited about the design.  To me the design if fresh and the floor plan functions beautifully.  Let me list just a few things that I think make this a special home design.
  1. At 1349 square feet the home is on the small side, but it feels large. Take a look at the interior images and video and I think you will agree. We opened up the floor plan and looked carefully at circulation patterns and furniture arrangements to make the spaces highly functional. Windows filter the public spaces with natural light from every direction.
  2. It is a small house plan with plenty of storage. Because of it's size we made sure we packed it with storage possibilities in creative ways. A custom buffet cabinet floats between the living and dining areas. A continuous window seat with storage below is placed alongside the entry path. Media cabinets flank the fireplace.
  3. The house is “comfortable”. Both inside and out, it evokes a casual kind of elegance that makes you feel at home.
  4. The floor plan is adaptable. We have designed the home to be expandable with a main floor master bedroom. Or on a walkout or lookout lot, kids bedrooms could be placed on the lower level and the second floor converted into an amazing Master Suite.
  5. The exterior is adaptable. We like the clean lines and uncluttered look of it's Scandinavian influenced exterior. But the design can easily be adapted to a more traditional or rustic aesthetic without altering the massing in any way.”

View from rear yard showing the trellis covered patio area.

View from right side.  The tower makes a dramatic statement.

Custom cabinetry is featured throughout the home design providing for ample storage in a small house plan.  Also, notice the exposed stair stringers.

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